PeaMutt Butter Bone

This treat will not stick to the Woof of your k9s mouth. Made with Organic Peanut Butter /reduced fat ,Natural oats . Water . Wheat OR White flour ,

PeaMutt Butter K9
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Paw- Lick-N Chic​ken

Every K9 loves Chicken ! This treat will be a special one for your k9 , Made with real chicken broth  ,egg, milk, cornmeal, and flour



The perfect treat for the k9 with a sweet tooth! Made with Honey ,Cinnamon, Wheat germ, Molasses And flour

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Different Sizes

You can order different size treats for your K9 , We have Tiny ,Small, Medium, large 

Breed Treats

We can make you Breed treats Also, Have a bulldog or maybe a pug we can make it , Or if you want a bag of paws  we got you covered  Send Us a email  

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